Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Class Dojo

Class Dojo
I've started using a new platform for incentives for Chase's homeschool.  It's basically a sticker based award system.  You can have multiple classes, the students can log in to edit their avatars and see their scores, and parents can see the daily reports.

Chase was having a bad first day that I had started it, so has been a little negative towards it.  But today he had a good day and earned a lot of stickers.  I am rewarding the sticker achievements with time he can spend on his computer.

I installed this app via Google+.  But I think it is multi-platform capable.

Now Chase thinks monsters are creepy, so he is keeping his school photo as his avatar.  I think the art is all pretty cute.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today is Friday

The Daily Planner

 The Daily Planner

Every day, I've been writing up a giant worksheet for Chase.  I use the backside of a desk calendar.  But large format paper, like butcher paper would do.

I keep the same information, Day of the week, yesterday, tomorrow, with the dates written under.  Then we have the word and the number of the day.  Which he has separate worksheets for.

In addition to those, I add in some relevant assignment.  I look through his assignments for the day and add in drawings or activities, or problems for him to figure out.  Today was a Chapter review for following directions.  He misread the directions, so went back and corrected his mistakes.

Following directions
 He seems to like the daily planner and it helps him remember what day of the week it is and reiterates the month and year.  I write them in different ways "January|Jan.|1", so he recognizes all forms.  I've been working him mostly on rhyming, calendar/days and money and handwriting.  Chase does really well at reading and enjoys anything with drawings.  But he needs a lot of practice on the others.  We're only planning to home school for Kindergarten.  So need to make sure he is ready for the first grade.

Today is Friday
 Next week, he will be evaluated by NISEC to see if he qualifies for special needs enrollment in school.  Because of his misbehavior in the school setting, the school staff felt special needs placement might work better for him.  Since he does well on a one on one setting.  He needs to do more independent work.  The assessment is to determine whether or not he has any learning disorder or disability.  Which, I do not believe is the case.  I think he was not adapting well to the school environment , mostly because he learned early on that if he misbehaved, he got sent home.  Which was what he wanted.

 So, our goal is to get him better socialized.  Right now, we're sharing a vehicle with Kevin's father.  Hopefully, with tax returns, we will be able to purchase our own car and have the freedom to travel to social events for Chase.

It has been a lot of stress, but the home school has been less stressful than dealing with 2 months of suspensions.  Chase was facing possible expulsion for his disruptive behavior.  He is happy again and no longer fighting us on everything.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ready or Not

Back into action after winter break fun and shenanigans.  Started off with a single player version of Rhyming Sight Words BINGO Game, which is now available in my TeachersPayTeachers Store.  Also, there's some new freebies.  Lucky Star Craftivity and Clip Art Talk Bubbles.
Rhyming Sight Words BINGO Printable

We learned about the Venezuela Pebble Toad, an inch long amphibian that falls like a pebble when approached by a predator.  There's a great video clip to show to your kid(s) from BBC's Life series.  I made a little short story to accompany this lesson, which I will be creating a download of for TpT soon.  The video is ultra cute to watch this little guy bounce.

Over the holiday, we decided to pick up a First Grade Workbook for Chase, since he scored so high on his sight words and often complained that Kindergarten was boring and "I know it all already!".  Loudly complained.  So, we've started him on a few sheets from there.  He did pretty well with it, hopefully, he'll find it more challenging.

I'm using GoogleDrive's spreadsheets to keep track of all his attendance records and assignments, as well as the hard copies, with the dates on them.  We're trying to be a bit more organized.  We've moved his work table to the main room beside his art easel.

We've started our own sort of 'bulletin board', aka, the hallway.  Where we're posting the words he can spell from memory on little open book bulletin pin ups.  Which I've added to my Homeschool Pinterest Board.
Bulletin Pin Up from JoAnn.comJo-Ann has a wonderful teacher's resource selection.