Chasing Chase

Chase will be turning 8 years old this 2014-2015 school year.  He enjoys video games, legos, making obnoxious sound effects, laughing, cats, wearing mismatched too small pajamas during the day.  He is a sweet and sensitive kid who is pretty clever at things.  At this stage, he can read all his sight words, though his writing skills are below par.  He enjoys reading books like Ninjago and Calvin & Hobbes.

He was pulled from school in Kindergarten due to his disruptive behavior.  He learned early on that he could behave badly and be sent home.  He was suspended more than 10 times before Thanksgiving break.  It had become too stressful to push him.  He wasn't ready and they had full day school for Kindergartners only.  He was not prepared for that.  He had no idea there were weekends and thought he would never see us again.  He was analysed as emotionally dysfunctional.

Chase has a defiant streak in him and argues against authority.  He lacks social skills and is used to being around a bunch of adults.  So he gets overexcited around kids and doesn't know how to behave.