Gillian Ivy

Hi, I'm Gillian!

I'm an artist and mother of an only child.  His name is Chase.  We live in Indiana with his Daddy, Kevin.  We're actually both artists.  We do graphic design, website design, traditional art, photography, retouch and digital painting.  We met on which is a social artist site.  My art has varied styles, mediums and techniques.  I like to experiment with new things.

I don't consider myself to be the typical homeschooling Mom.  I've seen a lot of blogs out there, but none of them really fit my personality.  I'm an oddball.  I enjoy obnoxious humor, obscure movies and the punk/goth scene.  I figured I would start my own blog and share my experiences.  I might be opinionated at times.  But, I am brutally honest to a fault.  But be forewarned, I might share my opinions.

I'm Agnostic with a lean towards Atheism.  I'm a feminist (as every woman who knows the meaning should be).  I support the LGBT community.  I am anti-racism, and I am half Chinese, 1/16th Cherokee and a mutt of Europe.  I will not allow proselytizing, though comments such as "God bless you", "I'll pray..." etc are fine.  However, anyone telling me that I should pray/worship/whatever or raise my son with religious doctrine may be blocked from my site at my discretion (including relatives).  Any comments bashing race, religion, gender, sexual preferences, etc will not be tolerated on this blog.  This is not the place for that.  If you're on my Facebook and want to banter and debate with me on any of those topics, that is fine.  I enjoy an honest debate.  But I'm not a politician and won't pander to anyone's beliefs.  I am however, an advocate of compromise.


*Edit* I am using Common Core standards as a guideline for my educational practices for the education of my son. I am aware of the controversies of Common Core, but this is not up for debate. I intend to keep my son on the level of his peers. These standards are suited to his education, I have no problems with it. This blog is not a place to debate anti-Common Core politics.