Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rebecca Redux

I've finished the coloring of the redesign for one of the Lolli Gang characters.  Here is the new Rebecca.  Now a true Lolita with plaid school girl baby doll dress.  I colored her in a style reminiscent of a t-shirt graphic I made in high school.  Where you use 6 or less colors and layer them on top of each other to get the effect you want.  Here I've used Black, white, red, peach and grey.  I made a greyscaled version as well.

The line art is hand drawn then colored in Photoshop.  I made png files with transparent bgs so she can be used like a sticker.  I'll probably be incorporating this picture into the design of this blog.

Rebecca was the character I related the most to.  She was inspired by Tank Girl but all her own style.  She was a little bit punk and a little bit goth and a little bit of everything she liked.  There wasn't really a central character.  But she was the character that most represented me.  She was fun and obnoxious, she did what she wanted to and always smiled.

It's good to revisit these characters I loved so much but did nothing with.  I had wanted to make a Flash comic, but never did.  I only learned the basics of using Flash anyways.  I really like how she came out.