Friday, December 6, 2013

Glogster Contest

I'm a bit behind in posting anything.  We've been busy here.  November, it was Chase's birthday followed by a 4 day power outage.  Which meant restocking the refrigerator.  Then, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping (we did Cyber Monday, no way we were stepping out on Black Friday).  So, now time to get back to maintaining the blog.

We've switched to a more relaxed 'class' where he works on a clipboard in a comfy chair instead of always at his desk.  He seems happier with that.  Legos have become a good educational tool.  During the power outage, we worked hard on assembling some of the Lego kits he got for his birthday.  And he was doing a superb job of following directions and staying on task.

Onto this Glogster Contest.  It is a chance to win $1,000 cash for your class.  Your students can participate as well.  You submit a Glog to their contest by tagging it.  Please RT my twitter status and possibly win a Glogster license.