Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy 30th BookIt!

BookIt! has begun and what an awesome start.  Chase's goal is 20 minutes per day for the month.  He has been rocking that!

October's Reading List

We usually get close to 10 books from the library every two weeks.  He reads most of them by himself.  Sometimes in one week!  I want him to start writing book reviews on DOGO Books instead of just typical book reports.  I think he would enjoy it more and it won't have the stigma of the word 'book report' hanging over it.

So, BookIt! is doing several things for their 30th Anniversary.  I don't know if there is still time for sign ups if your school hasn't already.  Students who have read each month of the program and collected all their passport tickets will be eligible for a $30,000 scholarship.  Also, added bonus for Alumni, they have a BookIt! for adults this year!  So, Read your heart out!

We've downloaded the new BookIt! app on the Google Play Store for our Android Tablet.  He can earn coins as he keeps track of his reading progress, and spend those coins on his dragon avatar.  It's an exciting and fun way to engage your young readers so they can see the rewards.  They earn 1 coin per minute, so the more the read, the more they can spend.
Chase really loved the special book video, Surprise! written by Jeff Kinney to celebrate BookIt!'s 30th Anniversary.  I added the Vimeo app to our tablet as well.