Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bonus Sale on TpT

One day only!  Bonus Sale for August 19th, 2015.  Sitewide sale, perfect time to get extra curriculum readied.

My store will be 20% off all items.  Visit Gillian Ivy Chasing Grades on TpT.

As I create new assignments for Chase, I plan to upload more products to my store.  I hadn't updated in quite a while, just enjoyed my summer vacation...  But didn't really prepare.  I decided to start school next Monday instead of tomorrow like his original school's schedule is.  I'll need to adjust the calendar to reflect these changes, as that makes the end of the school year three days longer.

I saw wonderful tip, for the first two weeks of school, go over daily routines and procedures.  Perhaps this will help cement them in myself.  Kevin will be splitting some of the lesson plans with me, unlike last year, which was all me.  I got completely burned out.

Patience.  Breathe deep and relax.  Think I'll need a mantra.

We've ordered our books.  Trying DK Publishing's 3rd Grade workbooks.  They appear to have great ratings on Amazon.  I'm eager to check them out.  Perhaps I'll write a review once we've received them.  They'll possibly arrive on Monday.  Got my fingers crossed.  I've added the new workbooks as well as some of my wishlist items to my Chasing Grades Amazon Associate Store.  Support my homeschool by purchasing your workbooks and more through our school store.

I do have a duplicate workbook, BrainQuest Grade 2, from last year that was given to me.  I think I'll hold a giveaway for this.  Don't know how much it would cost to ship it.  I'll have to inquire at the Post Office.  I've set up a Rafflecopter thing for this.

a Rafflecopter giveaway