Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Minecraft School Pictures

I bought a green poster board and set up some awesome school pics this year.  Chase made his background as a screenshot of the house he built in Minecraft and I went to work on the rest of it.  There is a whole set and I'll be sharing them here, but I couldn't wait to post them.  So here is the first.

And here is the before and after shots.  I followed a cool tutorial for Photoshop, as my trial and error methods weren't quite efficient enough.  This one was super clean and has some rather nifty shortcuts I didn't know.  How to Mask Hair in Photoshop by Noyse Works on YouTube.  For the before/after image, I actually checked out another tutorial by Phlearn, How to Create a .gif and Upload it to Instagram.  I don't use Instagram, but this did have another trick I'd never tried before, "Apply Image" to add all the image layers to a new layer.  I had always copied all layers, then merged them.  This was way easier.  I had hoped the tutorial would have transitions suggestions, well, I made my own/  I made 5 layers with varying levels of opacity between each step.  Not perfect, but hey, animation isn't quite my thing.

Once I've gotten the entire set done (not all the pictures, just a few poses), then I'll take picture orders for all the grandparents :D  I think this turned out way better than the year I gave him a Cyclops superhero makeover, though that was pretty cool.