Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Break

We started our winter break on Sunday.  Since we haven't had to have the Monday-Friday sort of schedule, we did assessments on the weekend.  Chase did excellently.  He was very cooperative.  It seems it is not so much the challenge and work he minded so much as being at school he wasn't adapting well to.  I had prepped for the assessments, mostly by downloading resources via TeachersPayTeachers.  One had 220 Dolch Sight Words.  He scored 210/220!  Which, according to the chart means he scored close to average with mid-year Second Graders.  This made me extremely proud of course.

Reading has always been important to me and my boyfriend.  So our son sees us reading all the time.  A lot of words he doesn't know, he reads by looking at the first and last letters, and length of the word to guess it.

Things to work on:

He's doing alright on Math, though I'm not certain what the goals/expectations are for his level.  Writing his numbers definitely needs some work.  3's, 5's, 2's in particular are often written backwards or with the wrong number of curves.

I've been keeping track of all his assignments and grades in spreadsheets on GoogleDrive.  It has been wonderful to keep everything organized.  I've been doing his weekly assignments, his total daily reports and the assessment all via the spreadsheet options.  Also, I'm making a presentation with his progress reports to be given to the Principal so she is kept up to date on Chase's school readiness.  The goal is to have him return to the Public School System for First Grade.

Winter Break will be ending a little sooner than the Public School to be certain we have the adequate number of days (180) and not run into the Summer Break too much.  Though, we'll likely be continuing his lessons through out the Summer.