Sunday, August 3, 2014

TpT Revamped - New Items + Freebies

New Products and Sale!

I've updated all my listings to match the style of Chasing Grades.  And added a few new listings, one for purchase and two freebies.  The first here is a set of Scratcher Tickets/Reward Coupons.  The Scratch Tickets are only $2, but tomorrow they go on sale!  Everything will be 20% off the already low prices on August 4th&5th for TpT's Blast Off Back To School Sale.  Scratch tickets are a really fun way to give out mystery prizes to be won.  And it's super easy to make.  All you need is packing tape, acrylic paint and a bit of dish soap.  Nothing fancy.  Of course, you could buy scratch stickers to save time.  Here's a nifty video to do the do-it-yourself method.  I've just added an Amazon Associate's Store to my blog.  I'll be adding useful school things and suggested buys there.  If you buy through, using my referrer code benefits our homeschool.

What's New?

I've been tailoring an Amazon associate's store to coordinate with this blog.  Actually, I've been slowly making my entire web presence in this theme.  It's my favorite CSS design so far.  Reminds me of crushed velvet.  I may add more fancy embellishments to the layout later on, but I like the simple layout.  Not too cluttered.  

So all my listings on TeachersPayTeachers also have this look.  I think it looks a lot more pulled together.  The paper pack still has the same thumbnail, but I think I'll keep all paper packs like that.  Just a band around it with the blog name.  I hope it is not confusing that the blog name is "Chasing Grades" but the store is GillianIvy.  I made the store before the blog.  And my entire web presence can be found by searching for GillianIvy.  So for those interested in my art and social networks, they can easily find me.

Are These the Freebies You Were Looking For?

Sorry for all my long-winded chattering, at long last, here are the free things.  I had these tucked away in a folder for a long time and they just needed preview images!  Silly me.  So, I've given them the makeover and put them up in my TpT store.  

The first is a handy Homeschool Verification Card.  Just write in your homeschool identification number and your info, then laminate the card to keep in your wallet.  Then you may use it when you're shopping at places that offer teacher discounts to homeschoolers.  I know JoAnn Fabrics does and they actually have a surprisingly wonderful selection of teaching accessories.  I was amazed by all they have in their store.  I had been looking through office stores and Walgreen's, etc to try to find these locally, so it was great to find them there.

And the second is a creative writing exercise featuring our cat, Xander.  He rolls onto his back and sometimes snores and his lil' paws twitch when he sleeps.  What is Xander's Dream?  This was made to acompany the mini-book X is For Xander, which Is the first item shared in my TpT store.  I've meant to share this a long time ago, but hadn't gotten around to it.  Wanted to have my store stocked in time for the Back to School say which is starting tomorrow!

I have a policy to keep all my items cheap.  Since they are digital products, it costs me nothing to reproduce.  The lowest I can price items and receive profit is between $1-$3.  I will be trying to keep all my  items within that price range.  They are all hand drawn by myself.  The paper pack is designed from my own stock textures.  A lot of time has been put into the creation of all of my merchandise and I hope it shows with the quality of my products.  

I am still new to sharing my work digitally, so I don't always know the best method for compiling the files pdf or zip packs...  I like the pdf files best.  But I use GoogleDrive to make them and it isn't as easy that way.  I plan to be making a lot more resources, clip arts and texture packs as well as Interactive Notebook worksheets, so follow me on TeachersPayTeachers to get updates on my new listings.  And I'll definitely be adding more freebies ;D