Thursday, October 13, 2016

Epic Foam Explosion

Today's DIY Project - Create a Foam Explosion

Elephant Toothpaste Foam Explosion

We're doing the "Elephant Toothpaste"(kid friendly version) as demonstrated by Steve Spangler Science.


  • 4 oz Hydrogen Peroxide
  • splash of dish soap
  • desired food color (optional)
  • Yeast solution (dry yeast + water)

In a disposable bottle we measured 4 oz of peroxide.  Chase then  mixed in the dish soap and food color before adding in the catalyst.  We used yeast for a kid friendly version.  Chase also wore safety glasses and this was done on our junk picnic table (it needs to be fixed).  Then, explosion!  Much more impressive than the old baking soda and vinegar volcano!  :D  This foamed up real fast and kept erupting.  He was quite impressed.

The project page has member projects and how to's for you to learn how.  Chase is posting up the video of his project now, which may take a while for it to load on  But here it is below:

HP Instant Ink

We've started up with HP Instant Ink to try to save money on our printing costs.  We have an HP Instant Ink compatible Printer, HP OfficeJet 3830 Series (affiliate link).  HP's program will save a lot of money on ink, since it charges per printed page, rather than amount/color of inks used.  And you get rollover pages, up to your plan amount.  We're starting off with the 300 page plan, which is normally $9.99, but we have a promo giving us a free month.  If you want a free month, you can sign up with our link - Instant Ink.  It grants us one month free and new enrollments also get the free month.  

It will send the ink before we run out, there are 3 different plans to fit your budget and you can change them any time.  $9.99 being the highest with 300 pages.  I probably won't be printing anywhere near that much, but I wanted to start with the higher plan while I have it for free.  Also, buying ink costs more than $10.  I'll write up a proper review after I've received it.  I plan to use my printer for both homeschool and professional art projects, like printing out my digital stamps and papers.  So, hopefully, I'll get some good use out of it.  The HP Connected website gives you a comprehensive record of your usage, so you can see how much you're using and adjust your plan accordingly.