Thursday, November 17, 2016

Instant Ink - One Month Update

So, I've been using the Instant ink service for almost a full month now.  I have the $9.99 plan for 300 pages currently during the promo period so I can take full advantage.  Which can be changed at any time.

So, checking the price on Amazon, we have saved roughly $70 so far.  The initial starter kit + now we have been shipped refills for both color and black cartridges.  The combo pack on Amazon costs $36.  Plus the ink cartridges are nearly double the size of the standard XL ones!  So, the value is much greater.

Now, if I get referrals, I can earn more free months of printing.  Even if you only get one free month for starting up, the savings are well worth it from the very first starter shipment.  Since the highest rate price is only $10/month.

I will be using this for more than just homeschool.  I have an art business I do from home and can now offer printed services and products.

I've received these extra cartridges and have not yet installed them.  My ink supply isn't even really low.  I've printed so much this month period because I was using the Printables services for homeschool work sheets from places like  The Printable apps ended in October, so there won't be any more automated daily printing.  I can still find things to print, but will have to go to each site and manually choose my prints.

I'm going to be getting rollover minutes, which after I surpass my 300 mins in the month it will deduct from there before charging me for overage prints.

So, in closing, I'm pretty satisfied with this service.  It is even cheaper than buying knock off inks that may not bypass the HP Proprietary filter.  Though, I heard they removed that after several complaints.  This is definitely the most affordable option for us.  If you have an Instant-Ink compatible HP printer and are interested in signing up, please use my referral link.

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