Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Audio Glog - Dolch Sight words

Latest Glog.  This one has audio for first grade spelling words.  I used a free text to speech program online to generate the audio files.  The ones on ScootPad allowed download, but for personal use only and not to share.  I didn't want to break their usage licensing.  I could have recorded these myself, but likely, my kid would talk in the background.  Perhaps, as a fun project, I can have him record all the words and spell them out loud.  He loves to record his own voice.  And I can edit the audio files later on.

The words are chosen from the first 4 word lists on ScootPad's Spelling section.  I'm going to use it as an end of the week word review.  To further the exercise, I may have him write a sentence using the words.