Friday, July 26, 2013

Sokikom Invitation

Gillian invites you to Sokikom for class management.
Join Sokikom for Class Management and Math games
We'll be using Sokikom to encourage good class behaviors with their avatar cash reward system.  Kids can earn rewards via games and being rewarded for good behavior.  I'm inviting friends' and family's kids to join Chase's class to play the games with him.  I will reward them an equal amount of behavior cash each week so they can customize their avatars as well.  If you are interested in having your child join his class, message me privately for an add.

I will need:
  • Your e-mail:
  • Child's name: First Last
  • Login: Nickname
  • Password: *****

Only I will see this information, it should be easy for the child to remember.  I'm only accepting friends and family to participate.  I would like to get to know other homeschooling families in his age group for him to socialize with.  Please feel free to comment and become friends ;D

If you are interested in signing up your own class as either a homeschooler or elementary teacher, it's free and comes with a 2 month trial to the Math Games section.  They have a referral program to extend the trial by a month for each sign up.  Mine ends in September, so please, if you sign up, help me out by extending my time!