Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scootpad Fundraiser

I've been adding in more assignments today and fully setting up my Scootpad profile.  So far, I really like this site.  Very clean management and it has core aligned assessments and assignments included.  I'm going to start a fundraiser so we can have the Premium plan all year long.  You start with a trial, which mine ends the second week of school.  The Basic does not include spelling, etc.  But it is a good start for Homeschool plans.  Otherwise, you can go through your school and they can set up a free administrator account.  I set up Three Creeks as my school, as that would be the school Chase would attend if he weren't homeschooling this year.

I was not referred to the site, but one way that you can earn Premium time ($4.99/month) is via referrals.  So, if you already are on Scootpad, I can list you as my referral to help you earn time.  This is a one time offer, since I can only be referred by one person.  If no one requests me, then I'll just make it one of the teachers from my district at random.  Here is my URL if you would like to add me as your referrer: MsGillianIvy.

Okay, so about the fundraiser.  I'll be holding fundraisers throughout the year to help negate costs for homeschool.  I'll be offering things like my artwork, crafts, and maybe mailable baked goods.  I found an awesome cookie that tastes like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!  For this fundraiser, I will be offering prints of my artwork 8x10 "Das Faerie Gotik" on donations of $10+.  If donations are higher, then I may add extras into your shipment.  Do not overpay on this fundraiser.  The funds only can be used on this site.  I do not know if funds are transferable to other accounts, etc.  If the goal is reached and you would still like to support us, please check my Etsy store, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions,  for other artworks on sale.

Ms. Gillian Ivy Homeschool Fundraiser