Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dual Challenge - DIY

This week's DIY, I have a double challenge set up for Chase.  Both of these should be pretty easy but as an extra bit of work, I want him to use the Storyboard Tool on PBS Learning Media to do the assignment portion, where he adds in his media, text, links and details with a bg and on a timeline style layout like a blog post.  It's similar to Glogster which he is already familiar with, but has a much cleaner design and an easy to use template for drag and drop and rearrangement of elements.  Actually, it's like a website builder.

I'm going to be having him use this for 'week in review' type of assignments.  Where he'll be adding what he has learned through out the week to his storyboard.  So I want him to practice with it so he is prepared.  I'll have to make one as well so he has an example to work from.  Do our own, homeschool so far story.