Sunday, August 28, 2016


I feel super accomplished.  Just finished setting up assignments for next week via PBS Learning Media.  This site really is brilliant.  There are many ready made lesson plans as well as media resources to build your own.  I really like the Lesson Builder, it makes everything a snap.  Chase is enjoying the ease of it as well.  It is way more interesting than Scootpad or any other lesson resources we've used in the past.  I can export all his handed in work to Google Drive.  So grading his work should be a snap.

I still need to come up with the DIY project and an art project, but otherwise, the next week has been prepared.  Last week we did storyboarding and character portraits.  I want to keep everything related to his gaming project for now.  Perhaps we will do some pixel art for art class, I know he'll really enjoy that.  I'll probably have the two assignments be relevant to each other.

Here's my PBS Learning Media Dashboard.  It is looking pretty spiffy.  I have assignments, a puzzle, a quiz and a storyboarding assignment readied.  For the storyboard, he'll be making a pictorial of things we have learned so far.  I'm only asking for one key feature of each topic.  Just to familiarize him with the storyboarding mechanics.