Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Five Day Lunch Plan!

I saw a brilliant idea to take the argument out of lunch.  Every day it is, "What do you want for lunch?" "What do we have?"  *list every item in the house* "I don't want that!"...  It gets so frustrating to make him pick a lunch and eat it too.  So, the solution?  Let's see if this works.  This is our first trial of it.

If I can find the link again, I'll share the original idea. (cannot find original blog, searched my history all the way to the 9th and it is just too much)  But it's pretty simple.  Chase will have a grocery budget, which he will plan his meals for school days for breakfast and lunches.  It must meet all the food group requirements and be within his week's budget.

He has made his list, and I must say, I'm pretty impressed by it.  He even has a dessert for the week, a pre-made cake!  lols!

We're a bit behind schedule for school today.  He took to long getting ready so lost his computer privileges for after school.  So, that sets his tone for the day.  Wah wah wah...  :B  Well, he cooperated writing his list after a bit of prodding.  Then, took too long with his busy work.  Now, he's taking an eon to have his lunch...  Sigh.

The afternoon plan was to do his RPG Maker VX Ace tutorial for the school project.  But it looks like we may not have time for it.  It was going to be some computer time for him as part of school.  Maybe tomorrow will see better behavior.  We have no time to dilly dally.  I have an ultrasound around 11 and he has to be all the ball for getting ready.  And Kevin wants to do gym class with him afterwards.  I suggested at the park.  We'll see how that goes.

*Update*  Ultrasound in the AM went very well.

Chase had just a half day's lessons, Gym class and daily worksheets.  He had reading time while he waited with Kevin at the Doctor's office.

But Wednesday, I've got a full lesson plan readied for him and made another for Thursday!  Wednesday will be an ELA assignment on Peacocks using this lesson plan shared on PBS Learning Media.

Using the same tool, I created my own lesson on the Pledge of Allegiance.  It even includes a crossword puzzle that was generated using their puzzle tool.  My lesson isn't shared publicly, when I'm ready to do that with materials that meet all community guidelines, I will share the public links here.  From there, teachers can "quick assign" to get a student link to track the answers and assign to their own students.  As I'm still learning these tools, I'm not ready to make public lessons.