Thursday, August 25, 2016

Top Hat Dude Storyboard

Overall, today was a great day of school.  He got a little behind on worksheets, but made up for it by doing his 'homework' (finishing anything he didn't complete before he is allowed on the computer) and doing an excellent job with everything else.

We did the PBS Learning Media lesson I made on the Pledge of Allegiance.  He followed directions and wrote down his notes and vocabulary and made his own conclusions at the end.  I'm pretty happy with how that lesson went and he liked using the website.  Found it easy to use and likes it more than other sites we've tried.

So, I used their Lesson tool to create an assignment for his challenge for the week.  I chose storyboarding as his topic, as it falls in line with his school project.  He will need to know how to storyboard as he plans out his game.  It will also help him take notes and visualize the D&D sessions.

I had him do a practice storyboard for fun.  He made this little day in the life of type of story for one of his stick men characters, "Top Hat Dude".  Yes, that is his name and he is rather dapper.  He is a hero sporting a rather fancy top hat and has no super powers, just a good guy.  Without further ado...

Top Hat Dude by Chase C. 2016

These aren't posted on the website yet, but will be soon.  This is under the 'animation' category, though it is also under 'filmmaking'.  There seemed to be more things he is planning to do for his project under the animation challenges.  Perhaps he can animate his scenes next week.  :D

Tomorrow's agenda is some epic Bill Nye in the morning and D&D in the afternoon.  I have some flats to color for Kevin's inks and need to upload all my plans to PBS Learning Media before school starts.  I was up too late working on it last night.  :B