Thursday, August 18, 2016

Homeschool DIY

This year, I want to focus more on project based learning.  Found a great website, that gave us a head start on that goal!  Chase is super enthusiastic about it, doing challenges on his free time.  We're on Day 2 of the school year and he already has 5 projects posted and is about to upload another.

Yesterday, for our first back to school day, we created gelli printed covers for his new notebooks.  I had him create his own foam roller stamp texture tool and demo'd how to use the gelli plate.  We bought the Student Kit which comes with 2 stencils and a brayer.

Gelli Arts Student Kit

I had a few different types of paper for him to try and Kevin's old craft paints.  He chose his colors and began rolling.

The project ran a little long as he had 5 notebooks to make.  Next time, we'll have to do something a bit smaller.  He started getting bored after the first hour!  hahaha, poor guy.  Art is boring!  So, he liked the change of pace by picking his layouts and gluing them to the faces of his notebooks.  Then he got to label them all.  I used his left over gelli prints for his two pocket folders, which we're using for daily worksheets and print outs as morning busy work.  This morning, he had a great attitude and I'm feeling pretty good about this school year.

Craft paper from a package filler, mini watercolor paper from his pad, and the purple stars in a printed cardstock from DCWV.  We also used tissue paper from my Spoonflower order, trying to reuse packaging.
Lunch's project was chocolate covered strawberries.  Well, they turned out to be a fail as the chocolate burned in the microwave.  But no worries, they still tasted great and the DIY site has a Chef Fails challenge!  Because we learn from our mistakes.  I think it was our bowl, actually, that thing got super hot.  But this is the first time we've used the new microwave for melting chocolate.

Today's DIY Challenge, I wanted to use up the scrap paper from the new printer, so I cut each sheet into quarters and pre-cut a cover, spine and back board for a mini note pad.  Of course there is a Bookbinding Badge to earn, found the challenge to match our project and sent him an e-mail with directions.  I did the straightening and clipping part for him and made sure his glue wasn't too bulky.  While the glue dried, we uploaded all his other projects and he did a quick Minecraft challenge.  Pixel art from blocks.  He made a Creeper house with TNT.

Here's the scratch notepad, which he is now busy filling up with doodles!

It has a target sight on it.

(for some reason, it dropped all the pictures in out of order and I really don't feel like fixing it)

Members can follow Chase's stream by adding him to their favorite creators.  All submissions, comments, etc are moderated before they go live on the site, very kid friendly/parent happy website.  So, not all of his current projects are publicly visible.


Tomorrow's project is D&D School with Daddy.  Kevin has an adventure school planned out, made a giant floor map, which he has a game mat to cover.  He's been taping all the pieces together and filling in the texture of the map with crayons.  Chase has wanted to play D&D with us since we had a small weekly online stream going last year.  So this has been in the works for a while.  Kevin has adjusted the rules a bit and simplified some numbers and attributes.  Of course, Chase already knows 3.5 pretty well, as he has read all of the Player Handbooks!  He loves strategy guides, reads them like they're stories.  He is a bit game obsessed.  

So, gaming is actually going to be a core focus of this school year.  Friday is D&D/board games.  Tuesday is game design using RPG Maker VX Ace and incorporating our D&D sessions into the story line of the game.  RPG Maker Web actually has a lot of great tutorials which we will be going through together as part of the curriculum.

Oh no, Kevin said he has no story yet, but he has a map!  hahaha, D&D is tomorrow!  lols.