Sunday, August 28, 2016

Real Math

I have gestational diabetes and have to keep track of my blood sugar levels.  Chase is, of course, aware of this, so it is something he can feel more a part of helping me keep myself in my goals.  I've created an assignment with my real data in it for him to plot on a graph, and calculate my averages and use reason to determine if my numbers are improving or getting worse or staying the same.

This assignment is still marked Private, as it does have more personal information in it.  But I wanted to share it here as it may be useful to others to either create their own lesson plan based off of it by customizing it, or do something similar with their own data that their student(s) can track.

I think real world information is more effective than random numbers from some questionnaire.  This is something he sees me checking every day.  I poke my fingers 4 times a day and send my numbers to my doctor every week.  So, he knows it is important and we have discussed carb counts of food and what is in my allowance and what foods still spike my numbers even though they are in my allowance.  So, he can help me be aware that my numbers are not as good as they were a month ago, closer to when I first started tracking.  I think I've been doing this for about 2 1/2 months now.  I have been slipping lately and allowing myself to get out of the range and eat foods I know will spike it.  Tonight, I had a banana mashed with peanut butter as my fruit side.  Bananas are really high, but since I had a low main course, I thought it would be okay.  Nope, it rocketed my numbers to 140.

So, here are my numbers and my graphs.  Check out the lesson "Blood Sugar Graph" on PBS Learning Media.  I think it is under the CCSS Math 4.MD.B - Represent and interpret data.